Although an elected position, this office can never be perceived to have a political agenda. We do not make policies, drive initiatives or promote social agendas. We best serve the community in respect to social and public health issues by continuing with our transparency and accountability providing factual data we attain during our investigative process and the forensic science applied in the case. Any claim that this office can directly effect change or prevention illustrates a lack of knowledge as to the statutes that mandate our profession in Colorado.


As a veteran death investigator currently working for you, the taxpayer, in the Jefferson County Coroner's Office, I bring the  experience of having conducted over 3,700 death investigations and  posess the practical knowledge to  uphold the statutory requirements of the office as your next Coroner. Endorsed by Dr. Ben Galloway, Forensic Pathologist, Coroner John Graham & The Fraternal Order of Police Lodges #18 & 21.