I am currently a full time experienced  Medicolegal Death Investigator with the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office and have been with the office since 2012.

To date I have investigated over 3,800 deaths in Jefferson County.

I am a former paramedic & Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician having had a career that spanned over 30 years in the Emergency Medical Services. Throughout that time, I have worked professionally for fire departments, Cities, Counties, hospital- based and private providers. I have held the ranks of a Lieutenant, Captain and Chief.

I was the Executive Director of the last Non-Profit (501 (c)(3) ) Advanced Life Support ambulance provider in south Florida prior to the consolidation of services into the fire departments in the late 1990’s. I answered to a board of directors and was responsible for a staff totaling 45 paramedics & EMTs. My duties included hiring/firing, scheduling, training, policy and procedure development, collaborative development and implementation with the physician Medical Director of pre-hospital field protocols, fleet services, developing and managing the fiscal budget and all state required licensing and operational certificates. Additionally, I was the agency's PIO (public information officer) regarding all press matters.

I am a former small business owner having started and operated 3 separate residential remodeling and maintenance LLCs.

Prior to coming to the Jefferson County Coroner's Office in 2012, I was working at Penrose Hospital as a Critical Care Technician in the Emergency Department and was a part time Deputy Coroner for Park County.

I am currently certified with the Colorado Coroner's Association and hold Diplomate status with the American Board Of Medicolegal Death Investigators on a national level. I am trained in the Incident Command System, I am an active member of the North Central Regional Mass Fatality Planning Committee. I am active with the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties and with the Regional Child Fatality Review Team. I am a member of COHEART ( Colorado Human Remains Extraction and Recovery Team) as well as  a member of the Colorado Coroner's Association -Coroner Assist Team, The International Association of Coroner's & Medical Examiners ( IACME )and the Society Of Medicolegal Death Investigators. ( SOMDI).

I reside in Lakewood with my wife, DeDe, and we have raised 3 successful, beautiful daughters and have a grandson.

I am confident my past management experience, extensive related investigative experience and my working knowledge of the statutory requirements the office must recognize provide  the foundation to lead the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office into the future. As your coroner I will remain committed to see the current values and philosophies, fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency this office has demonstrated in the past continue.

As an experienced death investigator, I understand the challenges and emotional stress of all parties involved in a death investigation, including the investigator. We are fortunate in Jefferson County to have a dedicated, educated and experienced staff of investigators that deserve the leadership of a working Coroner who is capable of  continuing to investigate deaths alongside them, while administrating an office that they can continue to be proud of providing the citizens of Jefferson County  the specialized services needed during a time where there is no room for inexperience.

The coroner’s office must function as a neutral entity and be guided only by factual circumstances and the findings through forensic science to record and accurately document one’s death. There is no room for bias within a death investigation regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death. We must remain advocates for the deceased and conduct the process with the dignity, compassion and competency they deserve as they can no longer speak for themselves.

As coroner, I will remain committed to these values without exception.