The Jefferson County  Coroner's Office is tasked under the Colorado Constitution and C.R.S. 30-10-606, with accurately documenting and recording the circumstances surrounding one's death while remaining unbiased, compassionate and thorough in tandem with science to ultimately define the manner and cause of the deaths that occur within our jurisdiction.

In addition, associated responsibilities of the coroner's office include:

  • Legal pronouncement of death
  • Legal and forensic identification of the deceased
  • Assume custody of the body and personal belongings
  • Next of kin notification of death
  • Providing assistance to the families of the deceased navigating the coroner process

I believe it's essential to preserve the relationships we've developed and maintained over recent years with our partners in law enforcement, the medical community, EMS, fire, funeral directors, skilled nursing facilities, hospice agencies, Donor Alliance, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank as well as the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office. Just as important, this office needs to continue to provide assistance to our smaller surrounding county coroners as has been a long- standing tradition. 

As your Coroner, I will  remain a working investigator as well as an administrator, committed to upholding the philosophy and values of this office. I will continue the fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency practices that the office has demonstrated in the past while looking to the future to improve and maintain the high standards today's profession requires. 


The first forensic toxicology lab in New York City, Bellevue Hospital c. 1922 

The first forensic toxicology lab in New York City, Bellevue Hospital c. 1922